What is the Deal With Digital?

Most of us are aware that television in the UK is going digital. Some countries underwent this process as long as 2006 and some aren’t planning on doing so until 2015. The UK is sitting somewhere in the middle, with a complete switchover due to be executed by 2012.

So what’s the big fuss about? Is the difference between analogue and digital so extreme that the world must make the switch? Well, yes. The benefits of digital television are immense and certainly worth embracing – and, after the switchover, they’ll be something everybody can enjoy.

For example, one thing that comes with digital television is a number of new channels that previously weren’t available on terrestrial. You’ll also enjoy a superior picture quality that will help bring your favourite dramas to life – not to mention the detail on documentaries. Television can become a whole new experience with increased quality – you’ll probably wonder how you were ever able to watch analogue to begin with.

Alongside extra channels and improved picture quality and reliability, digital television also means you can listen to digital radio on your TV – which is convenient for radio fans as they can channel hop easily and switch to a TV channel in instants.

There are also features that will make television easier to navigate than ever. You may have seen a lot of ‘push the red button’ action calls on TV in recent times. This is a part of the digital sphere’s hope to make television more interactive. When you press the red button, you might be taken to competition information, latest news, sports updates, weather forecasts and travel reports and specific channels even offer interactive games and stories for very young children. You can also join in with programmes as you watch them if they invite you to ‘have your say’.

Another extra that digital television will bring is the convenience of on-screen TV listings, meaning TV guides can be forever banished – which is just as well, considering how likely you are to lose them at the most inconvenient times. You’ll be able to move between different channels – often whilst still watching the current programme – and plan your TV schedule with the minimum of fuss.

The switchover to digital television is an exciting time signifying the growth of technology towards better quality and a higher standard. The UK will be completely switched over by the end of 2012 – and television looks set to become even better.