Thoughts Provoked by a Famous Sudden Death

Every time a young person passes away, we all start wondering why and how something like that happened to such a young person, with no medical history… Brittany Murphys unexpected death recently was breaking news… They say that bad news travel quickly and that is definitely a fact. The 32 year old actress died from heart assault, just like that. Others say that she had an eating disorder – anorexia and that she was on a pill treatment or something like that.

It is absolutely respectable that her loved ones do not want negative things being said for their lost baby and ask from the media to respect their privacy. Either way the autopsy results take some decent time period to finalize the results of what caused Brittany’s loss.

Doctors say that not only elderly people pass away from natural causes nowadays. In addition to this “famous death” displayed on all the international news channels, limitless human lives are lost every day from diseases and so many other unfortunate living circumstances.

I have noticed that if people have not gone through a difficult period in their life, concerning physical or mental health problems which can be life threatening, they don’t realize how delicate and fragile life is. I see every day that life is appreciated only when death appears near us or far away from us and health is appreciated only when sickness comes.

It should not be that way even for people that have had easy and pleasant lives until today and never had to deal with serious problems. Life is a gift; a present and we should all appreciate it, enjoy it, honor it, make the most of it and be grateful for every single moment that we are alive and breathing.

Cherish and be grateful every day for what you have and who you are, improve yourself in every area of your life you feel you need to and watch how the universe will return that energy to you, bringing only positive developments.

And don’t forget to show your honest feelings to the people around you, and tell them that you love or appreciate them. You never know when it will be the last time you ever see someone.