The Top 10 TV Channels on Satellite TV

As a devout satellite TV customer, I never cease to amaze myself with the variety of channels I have available every time I switch on my high definition set. Despite the seemingly endless options that have so graciously been included in my service, as a ubiquitous TV-watcher, I have come to value the excellence in programming of certain channels over others. Of course, this list is drafted with highly personal criteria in mind, and therefore not all will agree with it. Nonetheless, it is beyond questioning that these channels offer viewers some of the finest shows available on TV at the moment. Take a look and see if you share my tastes:

1) The Discovery Channel: there is no doubting that this is one of the finest educational and entertainment destinations for channel surfers the world over. Whether I’m in the mood for a superb nature documentary, like Planet Earth, or some goofy science on Myth Busters, Discovery has me covered. The producers of this channel have a rather clear vision of the world, and I just can’t get enough of it.

2) The History Channel: again, my propensity for learning while I recline in my armchair dominates my criteria. The History Channel is my portal to a world of knowledge, and I never tire of the many eye-opening specials they offer.

3) Food Network: as a guy with a taste for tastiness, I always make sure to check in with Food Network to get some new recipes and tips…that way my girlfriend will keep coming over for dinner, and I won’t have to go to her place, where there is no satellite TV!

4) Fox Soccer Channel: just behind learning and cooking, comes sports. With my taste for “footy” being what it is, Fox Soccer Channel is my destination for all the latest highlights and live games from all over the globe.

5) National Geographic Channel: harking back to the same criteria that defined my # 1 and 2 picks, NatGeo is where I go when I want to travel but don’t have the budget to buy a ticket!

6) The Weather Channel: some may say, “Are you kidding?” No, I am not kidding. This channel keeps me prepared in all seasons, rain or shine. Kudos to you, Weather Channel.

7) Independent Film Channel: these guys are way out of the mainstream, and I dig that. My foreign girlfriend really likes that, too, and with that we’ve got a winner.

8) Comedy Central: laughing is important for one’s health, and my buddies at Comedy Central have just the recipe I need. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are my doctors, and I’m hooked on their drug.

9) CNN: there’s something to be said about being up-to-date on world affairs, and CNN keeps me informed on all the important stories throughout the globe. The best news to be had.

10) The Learning Channel: with a new addition to my family, this channel offers some really quality programming aimed at the youngest age group, with few commercials. A favorite.

There you have the list of channels I end up watching more often than not; I hope you share my tastes, and if you don’t, rest assured that satellite TV has plenty more to offer!