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Why You Should Choose Satellite Radio from Sirius and XM

A satellite radio is a special radio that receives signals broadcast by satellite. This allows the listener to follow a single channel no matter where they are because the signal’s reach is not limited by station power and curvature of the Earth. Satellite radio, also called digital radio, offers commercial and distortion free, CD quality music beamed to your car radio or home stereo from space.

We all have our favorite radio stations that we preset into our car radios or home stereos, flipping between stations as we drive to and from work, on errands and around town. But when you travel too far away from the source station, the signal breaks up and fades into static. Most radio signals can only travel about 30 or 40 miles from their source. On long trips passing through different cities, you might have to change radio stations every hour or so as the signals fade in and out. Obviously, it’s not much fun scanning through static trying to find something to listen to.

Imagine a radio station that can broadcast its signal from more than 22,000 miles away, and then come through on your car radio or home stereo with complete clarity. You could drive from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida, without ever having to change the radio station! Not only would you ever hear static interfering with your favorite tunes, but the music would be interrupted by no commercials. Welcome to the world of satellite radio….commercial and distortion free listening from coast to coast!

Car manufacturers have installed satellite radio receivers in some of the latest model automobiles, and electronics companies have launched several models of portable satellite radio receivers. Satellite radio is also available for the home for commercial and distortion free listening enjoyment!

What are the two types of satellite radio?

In the United States, there are XM and Sirius.

XM is a service in the United States that provides digital programming directly from two satellites (nicknamed “Rock” and “Roll”) in geostationary orbit above the equator, and a network of ground-based repeaters. It is based in Washington, DC.

XM’s business model is to provide pay-for-service radio, with commercial-free music channels, analogous to the business model for premium cable television channels. They also provide other data services such as weather information for pilots and weather spotters. In addition, they transmit coded traffic information directly to navigation systems using TMC technology. Their service includes music channels, news, sports, talk and entertainment channels, premium channels, regional traffic and weather channels. The XM signal uses 12.5 MHz of the S band: 2332.5 to 2345.0 MHz. XM’s competitor in the U.S. is Sirius.

Sirius is a (DARS) service in the United States that provides streams of music, sports, news and entertainment. The streams are broadcast from three satellites in an elliptical geosynchronous orbit above North America. Sirius is based in New York City. Its business model is to provide pay-for-service radio, free of commercials, analogous to the business model for cable television.

Sirius’ spacecraft Sirius 1 through Sirius 4 was manufactured by Space Systems/Loral. The first three of the series were orbited in 2000 by Proton-K Block-DM3 launch vehicles. Sirius 4 is a ground spare, in storage at SS/Loral’s facility in Palo Alto, California. Sirius was previously known as CD Radio. The dog in the Sirius logo is unofficially named “Mongo.”

Top 10 Google Gadgets For Free

Google gadgets are designed to be placed on your webpage, blog, or iGoogle page, and can be used for entertainment, business, marketing, and various other purposes. Please keep reading to discover my top ten Google gadgets, and why each gadget made the list!

1. Google Translate My Page – This is an amazing addition to any webpage or blog. This essential Google gadget allows any reader of your website or blog to translate the text into multiple different languages. By installing this gadget onto your website or blog, you are ensuring that people all over the world are able to easily read and understand your blog in their native language. Google Translate My Page is one of the best Google gadgets available and can easily help to increase the readership of your webpage or blog.

2. Google Map Search -This is essential for the travelers among us. For those who travel long distances or those who try to stay closer to home, Google Map Search allows you to look up a map to any location without ever leaving your homepage. This is very beneficial to those Google gadget users who work from our laptops while traveling. For those who prefer to leave the long distance traveling to others, the Google Map Search gadget is still a helpful tool when looking for new restaurants, stores, and more. The Google Map Search is definitely one of the top ten Google Gadgets.

3. Google News Feeds- Always keep on top of the biggest news stories with Google News Feeds when you add it to your own webpage or blog. Google News Feeds receives live updated news stories from Google News and allows you to choose whether you want short clips of news stories or longer summaries. You can also format the settings to display from three to fifteen Google News headlines, depending on your preference. Google News Feeds has been in several Google Gadget Reviews, and has definitely earned its place in this one.

4. Weather Channel -You never know what the weather is going to do these days. It seems to change from one minute to the next. With Weather Channel Weather Reports added to your webpage or blog, you can always have the current weather forecast right at your fingertips. Even better, it gives you the forecast for any city whose zip code you request. Do you live in Texas, but you are planning to leave on a trip tomorrow morning for Florida? Simply put in the zip code for the city in Florida you plan to visit (or any city along the way) and you will be prepared for whatever weather is coming your way. The ease of use and helpfulness of the Weather Channel ” Weather Reports gadget makes it one of the best available.

5. Calorie Calculator -Healthy eating seems to be more important now, in the 21st century, than it has ever been before. This makes the Calorie Calculator one of the most essential out there. More than ever, people all over the world are watching what they eat. The Calorie Calculator makes it easier than ever to watch your calories and stick to your daily plan. It definitely makes the list of top ten.

6. My Notes-For those of us with hectic and busy schedules, dividing time between work and home and trying to make sure that both get the attention they deserve, My Notes is one of the best out there. Once the My Notes gadget is installed on your website or blog, you are able to create multiple lists to assist you in accomplishing your daily tasks. With the color coding feature, you can see at a glance what you have completed in each area of your life without having to flip through notes or relying on your own memory.

7. Chat Online- Want to talk to your brother, your best friend, your boss, and your accountant all at the same time, but none of the four of them use the same instant messaging service? With so many options available for online chatting these days, it is sometimes hard to connect with the important people in your life. Once you have added the Chat Online Google gadget to your webpage or blog, this will never be a problem again. Chat Online is an essential Google gadget that allows you to chat with users of AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger, ICQ, Myspace Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and many more!

8. Animal Smiles-Not all of my top ten are serious or business related! The Animal Smiles gadget is one of my absolute favorites and one of the best gadgets out there as far as I am concerned. With a large collection of photographs of various animals smiling, the Animal Smiles gadget is an essential gadget that will brighten your day and put a smile on your face every time!

9. Stress Relief Paintball -We all have stressful days, whether we work in an office, work from home, or stay with the kids all day. How can we eliminate that stress? Stress Relief Paintball! Stress Relief Paintball is one of the best Google gadgets out there for relieving the stress of a hectic day. An amazing top ten Google gadget for users of all ages!

10. Movies Trailer of the Day-The Movies Trailer of the Day Google gadget is available for installation on your webpage or blog. This top ten Google gadget keeps you up to date on all of the newest releases coming out in theatres and shows you entertaining previews and trailers to keep you knowledgeable on the current movie scene. One of the best Google gadgets currently available, the Movies Trailer of the Day Google gadget will keep you coming back for moreand will tempt you more than once to spend the day at the movies!

The Source Channels Heal Yourself From HIN1 – The Swine Flu

To unravel the mysteries of some of the most miraculous phenomenon’s on earth is beyond the capabilities of man. The unknown baffles our greatest scholars, the unknown will never and cannot be baffled by the mysteries and the phenomenon’s of what is owned by the source. Hence why Label Less the creator of all nations left us in the mental state to unravel the dangers that lives within our gift the earth.

The mystery of I who writes while sleeping baffled many who has seen my right hand in action, and the miraculous words that comes through the hand is wisdom beyond the wits of us all. To embraced the words and adhere to their wisdom is not a challenge its knowledge outside all institutions of earth, but wisdom to your ears on our earth plane.

In this post the source channels information on Hin1 – swine flu. Swine flu rightfully called swine influenza is found in pigs and it is a respiratory disease in the pigs cause by a type A influenza virus.

The health protection agency admits that this virus is highly contagious and spreads quickly from one person to another. Some of the way it spreads, is through coughing and sneezing a cough or a sneeze can spread through one of your micro droplets about three to four feet, while others breath this in.

You may decide to cover your hand or mouth to prevent this from spreading, but remember using your hand to cover your nose and mouth and using the same hand to touch another or leaving this droplet on surfaces is dangerous to the person who never knew, and you have just spread the infection. It is important to remember that this virus can live and remain live on a surface for over twenty-four hours and the incubation period in humans is forty-eight hours.

The symptoms of swine flu are much the same as ordinary flu with added vomiting and diarrhoea in some cases. The preventative methods are simple, sniff and sneeze spreads disease sniff it in your handkerchief the old saying goes we should follow that.

We must clean all areas that we contaminate to stop the spread to innocent people. Frequent hand washing is recommended to contain the virus, and if you do use tissue dispose of it in the correct place.

The known fact from our authorities tells us that this virus is from pigs, but is it? What if its not? What if this virus was man made? What if the swine is human the maker behind the virus that is contaminating humans? You decide.

The writing from my unconscious sleep state says.

I say unto the ear of ears the Hin1 is a combined hybrid virus. Created by the science swine’s of man for public crucifixions.

Biological chemical are used to fight against humans that multiply I earth. The combiners of human cells with animals and biological chemicals are lethal to the weakness of my people.

Your ancestors from the tombs will punish. Elroi Ye I say unto you the dangers of your cruelty will spread from tomb to tomb. The abomination of your cruelty will live in your offspring’s and join you in your punishment.

Tiye unto you I gave the knowledge to mix the combination of I earth that was taught to cure the damage cultivated by culprits within the earth of man and woman.

Reveal I words on the condition of the mind, and how to use the method taught to cure the inner being from foreign invaders. Uplift and cure our people of the deadly Hin1 plaque. Strengthen the weakness from the combination of faiths that teaches outside the truth.

Teach to give praises unto I Label Less of all nations. Tiye use the eye of a needle to teach in small doses. Use my earth to collect in folds.

The truth lies dormant beneath which covers the spirit of I. Wake up from the spiral without knowledge, to the wisdom that descends with words to the inner being that heals without eyes.

The Unseen.

When you consider the headlines News from the “Times OF India” which clearly says ” HIN1 Virus now spreading from humans to pigs” on the 4th May 2009. It makes one think.

The same article says. “The same H1N1 strain that is presently infecting humans was found to have caused the infection in pigs. “This is the first detection of the virus in pigs that up until now was being seen to be jumping from human to human,”

What we must remember is the power of the mind, your mind is a powerful source to your being its like a tool. Lets say you were a carpenter or say a pharmacist how would you complete a job without tools? Or administer medication without drugs? This is the same as your mind it is the root of your being without the mind is as if you are outside the control of your existence on earth.

Did you know you could rid any disease using the mind? I sometime wonder if I met Jade Goody she would be hear today. She was told she would depart from this earth plane within a month her mind was controlled by the medical team, if she only used her mind to eradicate doubt; and take control of her inner being she could be with us today. She became attached to her disease and looked forward to her departure from us, based on the advice given by her team. [Mind over matter] Bless her.

The healing method from mind to body can inject the correct prescription from outer to your inner self all courtesy of you. This also includes the HIN1 virus and any other illnesses; it’s the process of you being in control of you, it’s about you having the ability to be in tune with the chemical balances to your being. Being sensitive to it sensitivities. It’s about consciousness of the mind that will prescribe to the body of self.

Your first task is to detox the mind or filter. A cup that is full of a lovely brew of herbal mint. Will not take any more boiling water if you continue pouring.

A few ways you can detox the mind into the body of self is to encourage a tidy mind filter all negativity leaving it pure and refine. Enjoy the source of fresh air, while you practice the art of breathing to accomplish the true gifts that surround you. Seeking a sense of purpose in life. Adapting to healthy activities like Reiki, Yoga, tai chi and adhering to therapies using the mind and body exercises. Meditation will give you senses of belong with calmness and more focus. Visualization sets you on the correct path visualizing before your there. Your rewards will be worth it.

The mind can heal all ailments when you use it in connecting to your body ailments and this can be done by simple visualization techniques to the ailment you need to be rid off. Mental visualization/communication is using the mind to self, with the brain and vibrations in utter silence. Taking utter control of the inner you from the mind that which is outside the body.

You can also use the mind by allowing your body to hover or float during the time you heal, it’s like Astro travelling, with this method the mind controls the brain waves in sending messages through the visualization of self using the patterns of vibrations from the mind. This signals particular cells like soldiers of the body, to relay the messages to cure. The mind and the body can communicate and it’s just that you have to get it in the correct gear.

Once you can synchronize the body functions with the mind it’s an ailment of recovery. Life on earth has its own dimensions and one can graduate from one dimension to another but still on the earth plane. Realization is thoughts understood, and if you can understand the realization of how you can cure self you are in control of your facility.

To believe you cannot cure this virus or any virus is a weakness of self and this is where you allow outside soldiers to take control and administer their possibilities of their mind to be correct which maybe outside yours, an invasions of aliens to your being.

If you have tried and you cannot succeed then there are herbs from the source of man that can help, but to take control from the mind is more powerful. Part two on this article for the herb cure will be out soon.

You have the prescriptions, the keys, your dedication, your will power, complete satisfaction, and no invasion, cure your self from Hin1 and be rid of this deadly plaque, Only you have the combination to your mind. You have now completed The Source channels heal yourself from Hin1- The Swine flu.

I will leave you to begin your challenge. While I retire to see what will be channeled in the morning, Goodnight all.