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Learning to Cook, Right From the Comfort of Your Couch

These days, as many people try to juggle work, family, and hundreds of other obligations, it sometimes feels impossible to devote time to things we enjoy and want to make a bigger part of our lives. Many of us have always wanted to travel, take an art class, do yoga, improve a second language, or learn to cook. Unfortunately, between carpools to school and sports practice, working to put food on the table and pay the bills, and countless other time-consuming tasks that pop up on a never-ending basis, there never seems to be time in the day to squeeze in that photography lesson or Spanish class.

Many of us do find ourselves kicking back in front of the television at the end of the day, however. The good news is, this time can be spent learning a new skill, and you don’t even have to move from that comfy chair in which you have collapsed. There are countless television programs designed to help you develop some aptitude in any number of areas-and while you may not have a lot of luck if photography is your passion (you are probably better off learning this skill in an actual class with a darkroom), anyone who wants to learn to paint or improve their foreign language skills is in luck, as these are things you can do from the comfort of your home. We live in an age of cable, satellite TV, and podcasts, and these skills are easily within your reach, even when your life is busier than ever.

For example, if you are a food or cooking enthusiast, there are countless channels and shows that can help you improve your skills. Cooking shows are nothing new, and if you are someone who loves to cook you may have been watching these since you were a child, constantly looking to try out new recipes and expand your culinary repertoire. Now, of course, the supply of new television shows that deal with food or cooking is continuous. For complete beginners as well as more skilled cooks, there is, of course, the Food Network, which offers every kind of food-related television program you could possibly want and is now available in high definition. There is instructional programming available throughout the day, in addition to food-themed competitions and travel shows. For reality TV’s twist on cooking shows, you can catch episodes of Bravo’s ever-popular Top Chef or Hell’s Kitchen on FOX; this will give you a little taste of drama along with some new recipes. If you have no background in cooking whatsoever, these shows may not be of great help, but if you are bored with your old cookbooks, this is a perfect way to come up with new ideas. A Travel Channel favorite is Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, in which host Anthony Bourdain travels the globe sampling traditional food in a wide variety of cultures.

The options really are endless, particularly if you have satellite TV. Next time you find yourself in front of the television watching a mindless soap opera or reality pop star competition, check out a cooking program instead, and see what you can learn!

The Threat of Terrorism: What to Do

Terrorism threats are so serious they can shake up plenty of countries all over the world. They have also caused a lot of people to be always on the lookout.

Because of the harsh effects of terrorism to life, it’s not surprising if you feel a high level of anxiety and stress. But then you can’t afford to let it get the best of you.

Here are some tips on how to deal with terrorism threats:

Keep tabs on the news. Instead of watching the daytime soap operas or reading gossip blogs, watch or read news in CNN, ABC, and other news channels. You may also want to subscribe to your daily newspaper. When you’re aware of what’s happening in your surroundings, the more you’re prepared for anything.

Read travel advisories. If you’re planning to travel to another country, it’s ideal you get to know first about travel advisories. What are the places you should avoid? What should you watch out for? Better yet, avoid visiting those countries that are in terrorism alert as much as possible.

Follow the security rules. Whether you’re traveling outside or within the country, make sure that you’re aware and that you’re following the different security laws. A lot of them may be stringent, but just keep in mind they’re doing these for your own good. It’s a whole lot better to be very safe than very sorry later.

Be more aware of your surroundings. Be more observant of what’s happening around you. Try to take note of anything suspicious.

Learn to distinguish between fears and reality. Sometimes the threat of terrorism becomes so real to you it paralyzes you. You no longer want to go out or ride buses and trains. You prefer to be at your home at all times, and you stop pursuing the things you normally do.

It’s very essential you can learn to differentiate what’s real from your own fears. Ask yourself the question, “Is there really a threat within our area?” Unless you can really see the common signs of terrorism, there is really nothing that you should be worried about.

Meditate. Before your start or end the day, meditate. Meditation brings you to the present moment, where you don’t worry about anything. It removes the clutter in your mind, the negative thoughts that are causing your depression and anxiety. You can also combine meditation with affirmations or subliminal messages. These include the following:

I am a man (or woman) of peace and harmony.
I believe in love and the value of human life.
I can do a lot of things for the world.

Read positive news. Just to counter all the negative thought you pick up about terrorism threats, read something positive. You can research about the various organizations doing humanitarian missions, as well as how they’re doing in their respective goals. Gather positive news reports about your community or even about your country.

Volunteer. You’ll react less if you are more involved. A lot of organizations need your help.

TV on the Go With the Nokia X7

What is one of the most common things people do to unwind after a long and busy day? There are a number of people who like to relax and watch their favorite programs on the television. However, there will be a lot of times when you miss your favorite programs on TV. With entertainment handsets such as the N8 and the new Symbian Anna-powered X7, you will never miss the shows that you look forward to.

Mobile phone technology is constantly evolving. There are now various features that keep users entertained. Users can listen to their tracks by storing songs on the phone’s memory and accessing them via the phone’s music player. People can now access cloud streaming service offered by phone manufacturers and mobile platforms such as Apple’s iCloud, Google’s Music Beta, and Amazon’s cloud service. Users can also listen to the radio on their handsets. Users can download or stream movies provided by various services such as iTunes and HTC Watch. Mobile phone users can also stream videos on video streaming websites such as YouTube. On this new Finnish-made smartphone, users can do all of these plus one more feature. They can now watch their favorite programs on Nokia’s web TV on demand.

On these TV channel streaming service, users can choose to watch a wide range of channels. One of the channels people love to watch after a long days work is the news. This is exactly what the Nokia X7 has to offer. Users can watch a number of news channels without having the need to rush to their own homes. Included in these news channels are CNN and BBC. If you are looking for informative documentaries, you can also watch the National Geographic Channel. With these channels, you will always be informed about the things going on around you.

There are more channels to enjoy on the Nokia X7. On the Ovi Store, you can choose to download apps that give you access to more channels. If you are constantly checking on the weather, you can choose to download the Weather Channel. If you constantly travel or if you would like to know more about travel destinations, you can always rely on the Travel Channel. In addition, there are other channels that cater to various preferences in entertainment. There are so many channel apps to choose from on the Ovi Store.

While watching TV on this smartphone, streaming can be done either by 3G or Wi-Fi. With the Nokia X7, you will always enjoy TV on the go.