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What Is This Explosion Known As Social Media?

Social Media is a phenomenon that is akin to the Industrial Revolution. In fact it IS a Revolution in its own right. New Ideas spawned New Technologies, which in turn spawned New Businesses which in turn created New Wealth which in turn created New Ideas…you get the Picture!

Traditional media such as newspapers, television and magazines have been turned on their heads with the coming of age of the Internet! New forms of communication have evolved. Actually…they have exploded onto our Computer screens and our Mobile devices with a force comparable to a Super Nova!

To quote one of Social Media’s Giants…Chris Pirillo:

“Its not just Listening…It’s Engaging”

When the technological advances in both Computers and Hand Held devices joined forces with some of the most imaginative thinkers on the Planet, new ways to communicate began to surface with ever increasing rapidity. Web sites which previously had been predominately static, morphed into Web 2.0 which gave the visitor an opportunity to converse, interact, comment and get involved with the sites they were visiting. All good healthy stuff!

With the addition of some software miracles we then had a new generation of web sites where one could not only become a member but could actually take part in the conversation or wonder of wonders, create the conversation. Enter MySpace and Facebook which latter is now beaming into most households with broadband if not to all the occupants. The ability to be able to create a conversation, have interested parties respond in real time and get some debate going on just about every topic under the sun, is but one of the miracles of Social Media. Is it just about sharing stuff with friends or posting funny videos on YouTube? Most certainly not!

Building a brand or reinforcing an existing identity is one of the most exciting avenues that Social Media has to offer and it’s immediate! A post to Twitter can be almost instantly read by ones market sector, assuming of course that your market niche is already on Twitter. To this end a Facebook fan page will enable you to keep your market informed of your developments and services and while doing so build that trust so essential to creating sales. Of course the speed of engagement in Social Media channels means that both good news and heaven forbid bad news travels with equal ferocity! So you had better ensure that you keep the bad news or publicity to an absolute minimum or you will be hung out to dry by your un-supporters.

There is work involved in both setting up a Social Media Campaign and in keeping it alive and kicking but don’t let that deter you. If your business is a traditional brick and mortar don’t let that deter you either. Every business needs a Social Media presence. Why? Because it works, it is cost effective (don’t tell the accountant that it’s fun he won’t be impressed!) and it brings you into contact with your market place (that can’t be bad now can it?). Once engaging with your target market then it’s time for you to do what you are good at – selling your services for all your worth. Now that wasn’t too hard now was it?

Satellite TV Information – What You Should Know Before You Order

Finally decided to make the switch from outdated over-the-air TV to satellite TV? Looking for an alternative to high-priced cable TV? Here’s the information you need to know before you make the switch.

How does satellite TV work?

There are two major providers of satellite TV – DISH Network and DIRECTV. These providers operate satellite uplink stations that receive programs from networks like CNN, HBO, and ABC, then broadcast their programs to a satellite thousands of miles above the earth.

The satellite beams those programs back down to earth where they are picked up be a satellite dish. The dish sends the signal to a receiver which decodes the signal and sends it to a TV set.

What’s on satellite TV?

DISH Network and DIRECT offer more than 350 channels of satellite TV programming. Their programming includes:

* Movie channels – With movies channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and TMC, broadcasting movies 24 hours a day, you can watch movies all day long and never see the same one twice.

* Sports channels – Both satellite TV providers offer a host of sports programming packages that include football, baseball, basketball, motor sports, golf, tennis, hockey, soccer, skating, outdoor sports, and track and field.

* Special interest channels – There are hundreds of channels including travel channels, news channels, science channels, nature channels, Disney channels, weather channels, cooking channels, how-to channels, and even a channel devoted to babies.

* Satellite radio – You can get commercial-free radio programming that features music, news, weather, sports, special interest, and talk radio programs. DISH Network offers 60 Sirius satellite radio channels, and DIRECTV offers 67 XM satellite radio channels.

* International channels – If it’s foreign-language programming you want, DISH Network offers 20 international channels broadcast in African, Arabic, Armenian, Asian, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, South Asian, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu. DIRECTV offers 10 international channels.

* Local channels – In most areas of the country you can get your local channels through DISH Network or DIRECTV.

NOTE: Click on the links below for more information on programming and prices.

Where can I get satellite TV service?

DISH Network and DIRECTV offer satellite TV service through their online dealers.

DISH Network programming starts at $19.99 a month for their 40-channel Dish Family package, and goes up to $74.99 for their 350-channel “Everything” package.

DIRECTV programming starts at $29.99 for their 155-channel Total Choice package, and goes up to $96.99 for their Total Choice Premier package

NOTE: Click on the links below for more information on DISH Network or DIRECTV services and ordering information.

What equipment do I need to get satellite TV?

To receive satellite TV programming you need a satellite TV dish and receivers for each of your TVs.

When you subscribe to either DISH Network or DIRECTV you’ll get a free dish, a free four-television receiver system, and free remotes. In addition, your satellite TV system will be installed free of charge and your installer will even show you how to operate your system.

What about customer service?

DISH Network and DIRECTV offer customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week through their toll-free hotlines and their Internet websites.

Which provider has the best service?

When it comes to customer satisfaction, J.D.Power and Associates gives both DISH Network and DIRECTV the highest ratings among satellite and cable TV companies.

When it comes to programming, DISH Network has the cheapest program packages, the most channels, the most HD programs, the most pay-per-view movies, the most game channels, and the most music channels.

DIRECTV has the most sports packages, including the popular NFL Sunday Ticket.

Get Your Money’s Worth, Watch Live TV on PC

Watch live TV on PC, and realize that there is nothing like the easy diversion of television. Most individuals who still have not ascertained that their PC is more than just a piece of office equipment are still surprised to discover that live shows can be viewed from their computers. Moreover, most would fear that these added features to their PCs are just fraudulent deals meant to generate more fees, and the software would potentially harm the computer.

With a PC TV soft ware, the single payment that you make upon its purchase is enough for you to be able to have access to thousands of channels the entire world. There are no more monthly fees that possibly increase each year or demands of surcharges and interest fees due to delayed payment when you watch live TV on PC.

The real score is that there are no complications at all when you watch live TV on PC. In fact, you might just end up saving a whole lot in the long run. Furthermore, the PC television soft wares are not designed to potentially harm your computer; these soft wares are compatible with Windows run computers, plus those that have Macro media flash feature.

This set-up is also most ideal if you are a foreigner residing in another country, you can watch your favorite local channels from your home country. With channels from all over, and those that feature foreign languages like Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic, you can watch live TV on PC, and experience different cultures through your PC television.

Television watching is now a diversion that can be enjoyed on the go. Travel away from home, but watch live TV on PC or through your laptop. Never miss on the latest in local and global news, sports updates, or entertainment gossip.

In the event of live sports games wherein oftentimes viewers are demanded of pay per view charges in order to watch the events live on television, you can watch them through your PC without any additional charge. That’s definitely a better deal than your old cable provider.

One-time payment at a reasonable price of fifty dollars or so is all you need for a limitless, borderless viewing that you can take with you wherever you are. You do not have to pay for additional channels to be installed, with approximately 3,000 channels, there is sure to one or few that are for you.

There is so much PC television can offer, if only you are willing to give it a chance. You can experience affordability, convenience, and mobility all in one package. Watch live TV on PC and get all your money’s worth. Meanwhile, see my website and watch how it will guide you to the latest update about this great innovation.