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Hachem Again

Australian Joe Hachem got several early Christmas gifts this week, including the second bookend in a set that doesn’t exactly match and another gold bracelet.

No problem.

He isn’t about to exchange or return either.

The winner of the 2005 World Series of Poker’s main event, the last to be held at Binion’s Horseshoe in Glitter Gulch, on Tuesday added the $15,000 buy-in Season V World Poker Tour’s Doyle Brunson North American Poker Classic championship to his ever-lengthening resume.

The tournament highlighted and concluded Bellagio’s Five-Star Diamond Classic.

Hachem collected $2,182,075, a $25,000 entry into spring’s WPT Championship and, oh yeah, the gold bracelet.

“If I win, I’ll have one from here (Bellagio) and one from there (Binion’s),” Hachem said in a pre-tournament interview, gesturing with a shoulder while referring to the Strip and Downtown areas of Las Vegas.

“That’s OK with me.”

Poker’s Man in Black had to come from the fourth spot to overtake chip leader Daniel Negreanu, with whom he’d jousted the previous day before falling from second, and claim his second major Sin City championship.

He rallied in the same manner he did at the 2005 event, when he was short-stacked much of the time.

Speaking before the show was taped, Hachem said another title definitely meant more than the cash, but he’d be happy to take both.

“It’s always the title first, though” he said.

If Hachem and the tax collector — they went round and round after his WSOP triumph — reach accord, Joe might even come up with enough bills to buy that black Mercedes he has been eyeing to replace the Lexus he currently drives.

Combining the $7.5 million he won at the WSOP nearly 18 months ago with the almost $2.2M he pocketed Tuesday, Hachem has walked away from Las Vegas with almost $10 million over the past two years.

Joining him Tuesday were his wife of 16 years and a son, who’d flown in from Melbourne for the occasion.

Hachem revealed he and pals had spent some long hours at the tables, dining and otherwise, prior to Monday’s session, which ran past 3 a.m., so he was weary when he finally climbed into bed.

“I slept like a baby,” he said.

Hachem arrived at the Travel Channel set early, did a couple interviews and then mingled with the overflow crowd, affably posing for pictures with anyone who asked.

While Monday’s action stretched out, Hachem wrapped things up in four hours on Tuesday.

Exiting sixth was Edward Jordan, who was followed by, in order, David Redlin, Mads Andersen, Negreanu and Jim Hanna, who collected $1,099,430 as runner-up.

Hanna raised to $480,000 leading up to the final hand and Hachem made the call.

The board showed the king of hearts, jack of clubs and four of diamonds.

Hachem checked, Hanna bet $600,000 and Hachem again made the call.

The turn was the ace of diamonds.

Hachem checked, Hanna bet out $1.2 million and Hachem mucked his hand.

Hachem raised to $500,000 on the next hand and Hanna folded.

Hanna then raised to $720,000 and Hachem moved all-in.

Hanna made the call and flipped over the queen and jack of clubs.

Hachem displayed the ace of spades and six of clubs.

The board came ace of clubs, queen of diamonds, three of diamonds, eight of clubs and two of diamonds.

Dish Network Satellite TV Programming Guide

DISH Network currently offers five programming packages:


The DishFAMILY programming package is DISH Network’s lowest priced package. This family-oriented package is $19.95 per month for 40 channels. Some of the channels in this package are:

Animal Planet, Biography Channel, Bloomberg Television, Boomerang, CNN Headline News, Discovery Kids, DIY, Food Network, FOX News Channel, Hallmark, Nickelodeon, Shop at Home, TBN, The Outdoor Channel, The Science Channel, and The Weather Channel.

America’s Top 60

The America’s Top 60 programming package is DISH Network’s entry-level variety package. This package is $29.99 per month for 75 channels. Some of the channels included are:

ABC Family, Arts & Entertainment, CNN, Cartoon Network, CNBC, Comedy Central, Country Music Television, Court TV, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, E! Entertainment Television, ESPN, Food Network, Healthy Living Channel, The History Channel, Holistic Television Network, Home & Garden Television, The Home Shopping Network, The Learning Channel, Lifetime, Men’s Channel, MTV, Nickelodeon, QVC Shopping Network, The Sci-Fi Channel, The Travel Channel, TBS, and TV Games Network.

America’s Top 120

The America’s Top 120 package is DISH Network’s most popular package. This package is *$29.99 per month for 230 channels, and includes all of the America’s Top 60 channels plus:

AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, Black Entertainment Television, Bravo, College Sports Television, Discovery Health, ESPN, FOX News Channel, FOX Sports
Galavison, Game Show Network, Independent Film Channel, MSNBC, NFL Network, Soap Net, The Speed Channel, Sports Alternate, Sports, Telefutura,
Disney, Turner Classic Movies, Women’s Entertainment, WGN Superstation, plus 60 Sirius satellite radio channels.

* Note: This DISH Network programming package is $29.99 for the first ten months, then $39.99 thereafter.

America’s Top 180

The America’s Top 180 package is $39.99 per month for 318 channels, and includes all the America’s Top 120 channels plus:

Biography, Bloomberg Television, Boomerang, CNBC World, Discovery Health, Discovery Home, Discovery Kids, Discovery Times Channel, Dish Music – 50′s & 60′s Hits, Dish Music – 70′s, Hits, Dish Music – 80′s Hits, Dish Music- All That Jazz, Dish Music – Beach, Party, Dish Music – Classic Soul, Dish Music – Country Music One, Encore, Fine Living, FOX Movie Channel, FOX Reality TV, The Golf Channel, GOL TV, Lifetime Movie Network, The Movie Channel, National Geographic Channel, The Outdoor Channel, VH1, Wisdom Television.

America’s Everything Pak

The America’s Everything Pak is DISH Network’s top-of-the-line package. This package is $74.99 per month for 350 channels, and includes all the channels in the America’s Top 180 package plus 31 movie channels from Showtime, Starz!, HBO and Cinemax. You also receive DISH Network HD (high definition) programming.

Additional Dish Network Satellite TV Programming

In addition to the above packages, DISH Network also offers HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz movie channel packages, plus sports packages, international channels, adult channels, HD TV programming channels, and more than 1,600 pay-per-view programs per month.

Local channels are $5 per month.

Note: For up-to-date DISH Network information click on the links below.

Visit to see all the current DISH Network channels, or click on the following link to get ordering information and the latest special offers from DISH Network.

Thoughts Provoked by a Famous Sudden Death

Every time a young person passes away, we all start wondering why and how something like that happened to such a young person, with no medical history… Brittany Murphys unexpected death recently was breaking news… They say that bad news travel quickly and that is definitely a fact. The 32 year old actress died from heart assault, just like that. Others say that she had an eating disorder – anorexia and that she was on a pill treatment or something like that.

It is absolutely respectable that her loved ones do not want negative things being said for their lost baby and ask from the media to respect their privacy. Either way the autopsy results take some decent time period to finalize the results of what caused Brittany’s loss.

Doctors say that not only elderly people pass away from natural causes nowadays. In addition to this “famous death” displayed on all the international news channels, limitless human lives are lost every day from diseases and so many other unfortunate living circumstances.

I have noticed that if people have not gone through a difficult period in their life, concerning physical or mental health problems which can be life threatening, they don’t realize how delicate and fragile life is. I see every day that life is appreciated only when death appears near us or far away from us and health is appreciated only when sickness comes.

It should not be that way even for people that have had easy and pleasant lives until today and never had to deal with serious problems. Life is a gift; a present and we should all appreciate it, enjoy it, honor it, make the most of it and be grateful for every single moment that we are alive and breathing.

Cherish and be grateful every day for what you have and who you are, improve yourself in every area of your life you feel you need to and watch how the universe will return that energy to you, bringing only positive developments.

And don’t forget to show your honest feelings to the people around you, and tell them that you love or appreciate them. You never know when it will be the last time you ever see someone.