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Getting Third-Party Credibility in the Early Stages of Your Business

The hardest part of setting up a business is that business’ earliest phase. Tossing a completely unknown name into a sea of information-saturated minds is a surefire guarantee to anonymity. Yet, methods have to be devised to keep that name alive in people’s minds.

If these methods are limited to advertising, the company will probably be seen as a spammer. This is where PR comes in – establishing credibility and building a reputation, so that customers get to know about the company from honest, credible sources.

In this piece, I shall outline five ways to earn credibility in the eyes of complete strangers:

First, publicity campaigns. Before the formal launch of your business, you need to build up some buzz around it. Spread information on the Internet, submit pieces related to your industry to the local papers, and get people talking on topics related to your business. This generates a demand for your product, just before it hits the market. Obviously, the economic climate should also be taken into account before choosing your launch date – launching a line of winterwear in May is not a clever move, to give you a simple example.

Secondly, press releases. Press releases are writeups about specific events that are submitted to news channels, supplying necessary information for them to perform an analysis. Getting your press release turned into an article by a noted business analyst can do a lot to boost your reputation among that news channel’s readership. Always, ALWAYS get your press releases written by certified PR professionals. A lot of press releases arrive at journalist’s doors in shambles – badly written, misspelled, containing too much fluff and not enough fact. I’ll leave you to guess where all of these end up!

Thirdly, communicate with related firms in your industry. For example, a new RAM manufacturer who can get endorsements and recommendations from motherboard suppliers will quickly get hold of a core group of clients.

Fourthly, earn referrals. Getting recommendations from clients is the best way to find new clients. A person who receives a call with a recommendation behind it – warm calling – will be much more open to the idea of investing with the business than the recipient of the cold call.

Fifth, always have marketing plans in place for several types of new clients – individuals, small businesses, corporate firms etc. These are your micro-level marketing plans, to be used while in one-on-one or small group meetings with prospective clients. In these situations, a specific message tailored for the customer is necessary. Earning third party credibility is tough, yes, but setting up a group of core clients who you have earned by sheer business marketing – rather than personal connections or influence – serves as a solid base for business in the future. Small businesses often succeed in marketing through referrals alone, which shows the power of this core group. Of course, you can always add some incentive – written or unwritten – for referrers, by offering freebies, discounts or extra special treatment for your regular customers.

Travels of the Worthy!

From Andover
In Hampshire
To Andover
In New York,
Andover, a base from Hampshire
A town in English County of Hampshire
Hampshire, a County in southern England
Bordering the English Channel
Andover, a county in Hampshire
Situated on the River Anton
West of the town of Basingstoke
North-west of Winchester city
And north of Southampton city
Andover, twinned with town of
Redon in France and Goch in Germany
My Andover, most recently twinned with
Andover, Massachusetts
Andover’s first mention in history, in 950
When King Edred built my royal hunting lodge
At the time of Domesday Book (1086)
Domesday Book of 1086
My Andover had 107 male inhabitants
Also had six watermills
Watermills, an important part of Andover’s history
Which we use for grinding grain to flour
1175, King Richard made a sale of A charter
To grant my town people certain rights
Forming a merchant guild to take over
Government of the town
Town with hospital ran by monks
Monks, men living in religious community
Men who withdraw entirely or in part
From society and goes to live in a religious community
To devote themselves to prayer, solitude and contemplation
Men dedicated to St. John the Baptist
In Andover, we will also find a lepers hostel to St Mary Magdalene
1599, town received new Charter from Elizabeth I
1846, we came to public attention
When enquirers exposed conditions in Andover’s workhouse
With evidences of beatings, sexual abuse
And general mistreatment of workhouse inmates
By the overseers
Andover, the first British military helicopter unit during Second World War
2002, Andover received the first cango bus network
2008, a brand new radio was launch in the town
Enjoy the broadcast of Andover Sound, a broadcast across
North West Hampshire and online from a studios based in East Street in the town
See the Awards of Andover Sound
New York Festivals Radio Award
The Radio Academy South Station of the Year award
And the Arqiva Commercial Station of the Year award
2010, the radio station was nominated
For two prestigious Sony Radio Academy Awards
For Station of the Year and News Journalist of the Year
People born in my Andover
A pair of notable footballers
Nigel Spackman, Bill Rawlings
Bill who joined Southampton in 1919
Scoring 175 goals in 327 league appearances
Making my Bill, third all-time goal scorer
Behind Mick Channon and
Matthew Le Tissier
Earning two England caps in 1922
Against Wales and Scotland
Champion Equestrian and journalist
Silver medal winner, 1984 Summer Olympics
And two world titles winner
William Morrant Baker
The eminent 19th century surgeon
Best known for describing the condition Baker’s cyst
As well as being a lecturer, surgeon and governor
At St. Bartholomew’s Hospital
Cyril Berry, Author and winemaker
Mayor of Andover, 1972-73
Andover, home to Andover Hockey Club
First club in Hampshire to attain
Club Mark for its
Organization and child safety policies
Andover, evolving from New York
Town in Allegany County
And on the eastern edge of Allegany County
Containing a village of Andover
My village, first settled around 1795
Town of Andover, established 1824
From part of the Town of Independence
Name, Andover derived from Andover, Vermont
Village of Andover, centrally located in the town
And near the east county line
My village community first settled 1807
Guess what?
Did you know
The village of Andover
I once called Bakerstown?
Now, kindly trace your steps from
Hampshire to New York
Through Andover and Andover.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

World Poker Tour Through the Years

“May all your cards be live, and your pots be monsters” is the familiar motto of the World Poker Tour. Founded back in 2002 by Steven Lipschomb, the World Poker Tour has helped to revive poker as a sport and renew interest in the popular card game. The show features poker tournaments from all over the world and just recently they unveiled a brand new women’s division. They’ve also started to award special bracelets to the winners of each tournament as of 2008. Currently, World Poker Tour is in its sixth season. It has aired on NBC and Travel Channel through its many seasons, with it recently being moved onto Game Show Network (GSN).

The show has made some celebrities of its poker players as well as female hosts. For the first three seasons, World Poker Tour was hosted by the beautiful Shana Hiatt. Hiatt is a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA as well as a Keystone Light girl. She’s guest hosted shows like E!’s Wild On! and has appeared in movies such as Must Love Dogs and Grandma’s Boy. After Shana stopped hosting, she was replaced by another well known beauty, Courtney Friel. Courtney is currently a bubbly news anchor on the Fox News channel, who has also appeared in Maxim and FHM photo shoots. Both Shana and Courtney have been featured in Maxim magazine. The World Poker Tour’s most recent female hosts have been Layla Kayleigh, Kimberly Lansing, and for its latest season, poker player and reporter Amanda Leatherman.

World Poker Tour is currently seen Mondays on the Game Show Network and ranks high in terms of viewers on cable. They created a Walk of Fame to induct famous or noteworthy poker players in 2004, one of which is poker legend Gus Hansen. Another is actor James Garner. WPT will be moving to Fox Sports Network (FSN) for its next season. This sports game show will continue to go strong as it showcases the most talented poker players from around the world.