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All Nippon Airways – Experience First Class Flying Unlike Any Other

Flying First Class on All Nippon Airways is an experience unlike any other. With the Fullflat seat that fully reclines 180 degrees to make a full-flat bed and generous spacing between seats, All Nippon Airways ensures a comfortable, relaxing, first class flight.

The Fullflat seat comes with a 15″ personal TV monitor with a choice of Audio and Video On Demand (AVOD) and a selection of approximately 60 channels including news broadcasts, movies and the All Nippon Airways Travel Navigator to track specific flight destinations. With AVOD, you have the ability start a program whenever you like, pause it on any scene for a meal or sleep, and resume right where you left off. With a large in-flight video library, there is an entertainment option for every taste. There is also ample storage space, a personal phone, a cushioned foot rest, private lamps including a foot light and universal power plugs for any business or entertainment need.

For the finest dining in the air, slide out the wood grained table and enjoy Kaiseki-style Japanese favorites made from the finest. The western-style, full course meals will leave you completely satisfied. First Class seating is also provided access to the Bar Corner with a selection of wines, beer, soft drinks and light snacks.

When it comes time to sleep, simply recline the Fullflat seat into a bed and relax with a down-filled duvet and pillow, satiny sheets and cozy cabin wear all provided by the friendly service staff.

See why All Nippon Airway’s First Class service is the ultimate in style, relaxation and comfort.

Top Five Valentine’s Day Travel Tips for the Amorous Adventurer

If you plan on surprising your Valentine this Monday with an impromptu trip, it pays to take a little time out from your hazy, lovey-dovey day dreams and actually plan out the rendezvous. If you leave the entire thing to chance, you may be setting yourself up for a big disappointment. Spontaneity is wonderful but spontaneity with a little contingency planning is pure gold! Read on for our top 5 travel tips to help you have fabulous Valentine’s Day;

Double Check Your Beloved’s Schedule First: How horrible would it be to have booked a cheap flight (non-refundable deposit) weekend getaway, only to find out that he has to work overtime and take in a company dinner during that time? If there is a subtle way to find out if your valentine will be free then go for it, however, DO NOT stoop to snooping. It is always better to find the information through legitimate channels, rather than risk violating their trust and privacy.

Have Them Book Off the Time: Yes, it means that your plans can’t be a complete surprise however; it really is the mature thing to do. Consider all of the different demands on your Valentine’s time and you will probably agree that it isn’t only easier but smarter to plan it ahead. After all, you don’t have to tell her any revealing information, just the dates or time to be available. It will be even more mysterious with such a small amount of knowledge to drive her nuts. After all that is what Valentine’s Day is all about… driving your beloved nuts, hopefully in a good way.

Check Out the Location Thoroughly: Always make a reservation. Even if you have been to this venue a million times and never had a problem, you should still make a reservation. Look at it as your fail-safe. If you ignored this rule and showed up only to find that the entire restaurant has been booked for a dating service’s match-up night, you will need to scramble to come up with something else to do and quite frankly, you want to be relaxed and have fun on the V day, not turn into “that girl” who didn’t plan ahead.

Leaving the Country Is Worth the Hassle IF…: First things first, ensure you both have up to date passports and that neither of you are on any no-fly lists nor warrants. Getting out of the country is always fun, but having to beg to get back in may not be. Check the news and make sure that the government hasn’t issued any travel advisories for your destination. Civil war does not equal party place! Lastly, you will want to choose a place that doesn’t require any extra vaccinations or precautions… traveler’s diarrhea can really wreck the party!

Don’t Spend Everything, You Can’t Buy Love: Your Valentine will most likely be incredibly flattered that you have put so much thought and effort into this date; they don’t expect you to spend your life’s savings. Valentine’s Day is more about furthering your connection and enjoying some couple time rather than splashing money around to impressive the pants off of him! There are tons of cheap vacation ideas on the web. If you find that you are going over the top take a step back and remember that the guy who does way too much is just as bad as the guy who doesn’t do anything! Oh and keep the plans relatively in line with the seriousness of the relationship. If this is only the fourth date, don’t book the honeymoon suite… it may send the wrong signals!

With any luck, once you have followed the above travel tips, you should be guaranteed a memorable time with your partner. Valentine’s Day should be fun, exciting and above all a celebration of your love or interest in one another, don’t let it turn into a pain in the neck!

Common Essential Tips On Landing Travel Marketing Jobs That Most People Tend To Overlook

Travel jobs are one of the most popular career choices amongst people today – and there is a lot of reasons why that it so. The advantages of travel management jobs and travel marketing jobs are many and varied, that anybody fortunate enough to be involved in the business has a lot to gain from those positions. The mere sense of excitement, fun and fulfillment that come with these jobs are already something to look forward to – not to mention the opportunity to enjoy yourself the interesting sites, spots and activities that the world has to offer.

Most graduates, upon leaving school, embark on a journey that would take them closer to the dream jobs that they want. That, in itself – poses a lot of problems to the would-be travel professional. As the competition is rather stiff, you have to be amongst the selected few who can capture the attention of these sought-after travel companies.

The good news is that there is a lot of help you can take advantage of – when it comes to preparing your entrance into the industry of executive travel jobs. The Internet is stuffed with helpful articles and companies which can guide you through the whole process and help you succeed. Through those channels, you can have a better gauge on what you ought to be working on – so you can start working on travel management jobs and travel marketing jobs.

The following are some of the most important things that you should focus on – if you want to be assured of a strong probability of you landing a good executive travel position:

1. Your CV. A lot of beginners in the travel business seem to overlook that the very first thing that an employer would use to evaluate them is the CV that they have submitted. Many tend not to realised as they undermine the importance of handing over a CV that would properly represent them – putting all their efforts into waste. See, the number of companies, that are excellent at helping people write comprehensive and effective CVs – should stand as a reminder that you can have professional assistance when it comes to crafting that important document.

2. The Interview. Another essential part of the whole process is the interview. Naturally, you would only be contacted to present your case better to your prospective travel company that you’ve got a wonderful CV. It is during interviews where you have the chance to wow them with the truth of what you have written on your resume. Thus, you have to be certain that you can pull off this particular process well. As in the case of writing CVs, there is a lot of people who can coach you on the proper way of handling an interview. Heeding the advise of those people may impact your chances in landing travel management jobs and travel marketing jobs pleasantly.

A simple solution for both suggestions can come from hiring a travel recruitment company. The professionals of those companies would be instrumental in the training that you would get – so that your prospect for a travel company would realise that you would be a pleasant addition to its team, and that you are worth hiring.