Watch Sports TV Online and Stay Updated on All Sporting Events

Your TV set is broken, there is no satellite signal due to bad weather, or you are missing your favorite sports team game because of work or travel – and you must be thinking how great it would be to watch sports TV online. Imagine catching on sporting events during a lunch break in the office. Or, filling up the normally boring waiting time, with something as exciting as the latest football match. As long as your laptop is with you and there is an Internet connection available, you can do just that – watch sports TV online whenever and wherever you want.

One of the biggest advantages of watching sports and other satellite channels online is that this method eliminates the need of any hardware installation. In other words, no satellite dish, no PCTV card, no upgrades to your computer are needed. Count how much time, effort and money it could save you! And by the way, there is no monthly payment for the service as well!

Various software available on many websites today enable you to watch sports TV online at a one-time fee which is far less than the amount you pay your satellite or cable provider each month. But you need to know that the software differ a lot, varying in the number of channels, price, customer support, etc. Therefore, you need to choose very carefully in order to get the best value for your money.

If sports are your primary interest, you will be tempted by what some websites offer – and that is, hundreds of sports channels alone from around the world. But think logically. Isn’t it a much better deal to get thousands of worldwide channels that cover practically every interest – from movies and serials to shopping to news, etc.?

Of course, your favorite sports channels are included as well. A small difference in price is really nothing if you assess the entire huge lot of TV and radio stations that come with it.

Once you have so much more than what regular satellite and cable TV providers offer, nothing stops you from canceling your monthly subscription, which is too costly anyway. You and your family can enjoy watching your favorite programs online, and no weather nuisance, no bill in the mail box will spoil this experience.

The only adjustment that might be needed is your Internet connection speed. Though even dial-up connection will do, good broadband connection would be ideal, delivering a smooth uninterrupted picture. This is especially important to ensure that you can watch sports TV online (live games in particular) with digital quality.

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Watch Live TV On The Internet Without Monthly Fees

The conventional manner of television watching is rapidly being replaced by modern means, because the present times allow us to watch live TV on the Internet. Before, the television was deemed to be watched either at the living room, kitchen, or bedroom yet the internet has shifted this tradition making television viewing available at the click of the mouse whether on a desktop or on a laptop computer.

Do you love any kind of sports? Are you worried of not being able to watch live basketball or baseball games because your office does not allow televisions or that you are always traveling during field work? Why not try to watch live TV on the internet? You can do this definitely with an internet-attached PC or even with an internet ready laptop if you are always on out-of-town trips.

Perhaps you are a writer or a journalist who wants to be updated on the latest global happenings, but are still not satisfied with the channels available on your local cable television. Now, there is no more reason for you to be behind on the latest world news, watch live TV on the internet and get connected to world wide channels presenting the freshest television feeds.

For the music lover, get your daily dose on the latest in music- be it classical, jazz, hip hop, R n’B, or soul. Music channels and music video channels from around the world can be viewed from the internet. Watch up-to-the-minute videos from your favorite musical artists, even when you’re not at home. Take your laptop with you and watch live TV on the internet at your own comfort.

Viewing live shows over the web is easy. Make sure you have an internet connected PC or laptop that is also capable of Macro Media Flash and Windows, and a high quality TV soft ware. Once you have purchased the software, you can install it and then enjoy web TV in seconds.

With an internet connection, purchased software, and a computer, access to live television is merely seconds away. Forget the time, choose your channel, and watch your shows without interruption.

Enjoy the ease and convenience of mobile internet television. This soft ware is not even as expensive as cable subscriptions, because there are no regular monthly fees. Just pay a single expense and you’re good to go. Watch live TV on the internet without the recurring hassle of regular fees.

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Thailand’s Unrest: Packing Strategies for the Coup Near You

A funny thing happened on the way to my closet. This unforgettable journey from my shower confirmed an age old theory: a lot can happen in fifteen feet.

One night earlier I’d switched on the news to see civil unrest in Budapest, Hungary. My sister August was just there, I thought. Grand old buildings towered behind burning cars. As many do, I wondered: what is wrong with the world? Some of these countries…

At the time, there was no physical sensation caused by my foot being put in my mouth. I was oblivious to its presence. Fast forward 24 hours and enter my studio apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I pulled the towel from my wet hair as the newscaster spoke: “Another country is in turmoil tonight.” Ho hum, here we go again. Now, where are my pajamas? As I stepped past the television, her words rang out: “Tanks have entered Bangkok in a reported coup attempt.”

You know those moments in life when the space-time continuum warps around you? Everything freezes, yet your mind processes over three million random thoughts. That’s where I stood. Only then did I begin to notice my foot lodged deep in my mouth. In the .25 seconds it took to take one step backwards and wrench my head to the right, I had all the following thoughts.

That newscaster mis-spoke. Learn your job!

She means Hungry.

Buy a map.


Mom’s gonna freak.

Wait, I’m 40

Mom’s gonna freak.

My mind is getting even for the Budapest comments. I deserved that.

What did she really say?

Eek! What do I do?


No. Don’t pack.

Stay calm.


I own way too much stuff!

I’m not breathing.

Perched on the end of the bed, I watch three channels simultaneously for well over an hour. I resolved to take the coup in stride. But! Maybe I’d pack one bag. It would be a ‘just in case’ bag. The essentials a person would need if a quick exit should be close at hand. Of course, I’d sleep fully dressed in running shoes. Okay, I made that last part up. (My running shoes are in my gym locker.)

Then came slow motion. My eyes panned the room. Books, dishes, bedding, electronics, enough inventory for a small camera shop and clothes, lots of clothes–despite my vow, I had nested. How had this happened?

It was not the first time I had contemplated moving my small household. I had always planned on relocating to Southern Thailand in the spring. It wasn’t even the first time this week I realized extra stuff had to go. Just days before Thailand had suddenly tightened its tourism visa laws. Tens of thousands of other long-term travelers, such as myself, must be out of the country in ninety days. We can not reenter for three months. Now this.

The coup gave me a whole new perspective. I had been worried I needed to buy another suitcase to move my precious inane possessions. In my panic, I grabbed just important things. Money, my laptop, camera body & one lens, debit cards, IDs, a couple changes of clothes and three packs of dry noodles. My backpack was only ½ full. I panned the room again.

Sleep prevailed. Perspective had returned. In the morning I had school and simply dumped my bag on the floor in a quest for missing underwear. After all, I’m in Chiang Mai, not Bangkok. But, my unpacked state was not to be.

At school, my teacher was visibly shaken. She’d seen soldiers on her way through town. They stood at the closed public schools, hospitals and local businesses. Tanks lined the Super Highway. They are in Chiang Mai.

Half the students had not shown up, others had no sleep. In my mind, I packed again. In my class, I absorbed nothing. None of us are any wiser for having been there. Strategies changed. I had time to organize. My ‘just in case’ bag was augmented.

On the way, home I stopped at the mall and purchased the most brilliantly blue suitcase ever seen from space. No doubt, right now, that female space tourist is looking toward Asia and reaching for sunglasses. Alas, it was half price.

Normally bustling, the mall ambiance was semi-dormant. Department store sales reps stood idle. And, I, their only customer, was buying a suitcase to leave. This was a likely sign of things to come for Thailand’s economy.

I walked away feeling as though I was carrying a scarlet letter– a big blue scarlet letter. It said, “T” for traitor. It screamed “C” for chicken. I’d have traded all my limited Thai vocabulary to know the phrase for ‘just in case’. The glow from my suitcase could not be hidden. Shame set in. Stepping out into the rain, I resolved not to pack a single thing.

And, the beat goes on. Arriving home, I turned on the tele and listened. The Northern Borders with Laos and Myanmar have been sealed. Borders! Sealed? Laos! That was my imagined escape route. The rollercoaster continues. As I write this, it’s been less than twenty-four hours since the first reports of tanks in Bangkok. I write and I ponder. Will the coup affect the airline’s baggage limits? How much can I pack?