Top Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets are widgets designed by Google for Blogs, websites, or iGoogle pages. It can be used for marketing, entertainment, business or many other uses. Here is a summary of the top ten such devices and their uses:

Whether Channel: This is one the best Google Gadgets because of its simplicity and ease to use. As whether is so unpredictable these days, it has become the travelers’ delight. For instance, if you plan to travel tomorrow from Houston to Washington D.C., you just fill in the zip code of the two cities and click. There you are… with whether channel report delivered to your Blog or Website, thus you are fully prepared for the next days’ journey. You can even get the readings for the cities located along the way by the same process.

Chat Online: Very useful when you want to talk to many people at the same time but with different Instant Messaging services. With Chat Online Google Gadget, on your Webpage or Blog this task that at times can be difficult is made easy for you. It allows you to chat with users of other Instant Messengers such as AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, Myspace, Facebook and others.

Google Translate My Page: This is one the best Google Gadgets available that can maximally increase the profits in your online business. With this Gadget on your website you can reach out to a truly global audience. This tool translates your webpage to all the readers in their local language of choice. This makes it possible for you to do business globally without any language barrier.

Movies Trailer of the Day: This Google Gadget shows you the latest and up to date releases in the movie industry and summarizes the content of each in an entertaining fashion. It is available for installation in your website or Blog.

Google Map Search: This is another useful Google Gadget particularly for those who are working on their laptop while traveling. They can look up a map to any location without leaving their homepage. Even if you may not need it for long distance travels, you can still find it useful when you are looking for stores, new restaurants, or even a hotel with lodging facilities.

Stress Relief Paintball: This gadget is useful for all age brackets as stress is no respecter of age or workgroup. Be you an office worker, entrepreneur or you are just sitting out with the baby, somehow somewhere you will get stressed up. Thus you will find this Google Gadget very useful.

Google News Feed: You can get the latest News around the world with this Gadget. It can be adjusted to display 3 – 15 News items at a time. You can also choose between short News clips or longer summaries. This will keep you on top of the biggest, latest and updated News on your website or Blog all day long.

Animal Smiles: Very few people on earth know how a dog or a parrot smile, talk less of other animals. But you can see them all at Animal Smiles. It’s all fun and you will be excited at this wonderful discovery. This Google Gadget is not business oriented, but seems to be another way of saying that too much business and no fun tend to make Jack a dull boy!

My Notes: Many of us are struggling for our time with our business, home and self development. If you are like us you need this wonderful Google Gadget that will even show you each achievement on each area with a color chart. You can create multiple lists to help you accomplish complex task while monitoring your progress with color chart as the days roll by.

Calorie Calculator: More emphasis is given to diet in our day than ever. The fact is that if you maintain a healthy eating habit, you are more likely to live a healthy and longer life than was thought possible before the 21st century. Google Calorie Calculator helps you to calculate your calorie even on your Blog or Website. This makes it an essential gadget for everyone.

Choose one or more of these Google Gadget and enjoy the best tools available for your online services only at Google.

Travel Insurance Still Vital

Flight cancellations, travel delays or even news that airline passengers have been left stranded after their airline went bust is now a common experience for many travellers and because of the frustration and uncertainty that comes with it, travel insurance has become even more important for Brits setting off on a holiday abroad.

Studies show that Brits are still keen on taking their holiday despite the ongoing credit crunch, however, a growing number of travellers are now opting for cheap holidays with many choosing to travel to the continent by ferry, according to industry sources.

The increase in ferry journeys can be tied to the rising cost of fuel prices which has meant that airline travel is no longer affordable for many Brits although some industry sources say that the Channel Tunnel fire incident could be another reason why ferries are now popular with British travellers.

Cheaper holidays to beat crunch
Short European breaks are also gaining popularity among holiday makers who are not put off by the current economic climate although statistics show that a significant number of Brits are cutting down on their holiday expenditure. Reports further suggest that many consumers are choosing to downgrade their plan instead of cancelling the holiday all together.

But experts are concerned that travellers worst hit by the crunch and who are keen on cutting down costs could end up taking holidays abroad without any travel insurance. Endsleigh Insurance recently warned that travellers may not be protected from any mishaps if they have no adequate cover and the costs incurred by any such incident could be high.

With the recent collapse of budget Airline Companies such as Zoom, the travel insurance market has been saturated with offers of cheap or even tailored travel insurance.

Tailored holidays could be a hit
An estimated 10 million British holiday makers who are set to travel abroad in the coming months could benefit from taking out a specialist travel insurance, according to a website which also launched a fuel cost calculator. The fuel calculator is said to offer a cost effective method of determining whether to save money or the environment by picking a suitable car class for your journey.

But going for cheap travel insurance could leave many Brits underinsured and market sources are worried that backpackers increasingly choose to ditch their travel insurance. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have warned that travellers could face hefty bills with treatment for a leg injury in America could attract £24,000 and £4000-£5000 if hospitalised in Greece.

A study by, found that 16% of backpackers were happy to take their money around as they travel while a quarter of them dropped their travel insurance before taking out their break this summer. But experts are insisting that British holiday makers opting for cheaper travel insurance should check that all their holiday activities will be covered and travellers are warned that some extreme sports may not included in their policy.

At the same time anyone planning to go on holiday should consider taking a standalone travel insurance policy because insurance sold with a holiday can cost up to three times as much.

Ram Setu or Sethusamudram? The Buzz

This is the latest buzz which going on the Indian minds. From the day of its inauguration of project Sethusamudram, Ram Setu or Sethusamudram controversy is haunting the UPA govt. the recent affidavit filed by government in supreme court which said that there are no historical proofs of Lord Rama and Ram Setu has worked as fuel in the fire for the government of India.
First of all before we discuses it more lets give you some briefs about Ram Setu and Sethusamudram.

What is Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge -

Adam’s Bridge, also called Ram’s Bridge is a chain of limestone shoals, between the islands of Mannar, near northwestern Sri Lanka, and Rameswaram, off the southeastern coast of India. The bridge is 30 miles (48 km) long and separates the Gulf of Mannar (southwest) from the Palk Strait (northeast). Some of the sandbanks are dry and the sea in the area is very shallow, being only 3 ft to 30 ft (1 m to 10 m) deep. It was reportedly passable on foot up to the 15th century until storms deepened the channel: temple records seem to say that Ram’s Bridge was complete above sea level until it broke in a cyclone in 1480 AD.

What is project Sethusamudram -

A project called Sethusamudram was launched to create an alternative shorter route for ships to cross the Gulf of Mannar. Project first envisaged by Commander A D Taylor of the Indian Marine in 1860, then in 1955 the Government of India set up the Sethusamudram project committee to look into the feasibility of the project. In June 2005 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the project which will cost about Rs 24.27 billion.

The project is about Ship’s originating from the west of India and destined for Chennai, Ennore, Vishakapatnam, Paradeep, Haldia and Kolkata have to travel around the Sri Lankan coast resulting in increase of travel distance and time. Apart from this ships belonging to Indian Navy and Coast Guard need also to traverse around Sri Lanka. In order to reduce the steaming distances between the east and west coast of India and to improve the navigation within territorial waters of India, a navigation channel connecting the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay through Adam’s Bridge has been envisaged so that the ships moving between the east and west coasts of India need not go around Sri Lanka.

The UPA government and its allies are firm and defending the project as opportunity for development by attracting cargo vessels to ports in the eastern coast.
On other hand BJP and its allies like VHP and Banjrang Dal are trying to cash on the sentiments of Hindu’s world wide.

Hardcore Hindu organizations are also cashing on recent picture of Adams Bridge released by NASA. But NASA says they never said that this bridge is man made or is Ram Setu. The left parties are quoting the 2003 statement of Professor S.M. Ramasamy of Centre for Remote Sensing (CRS) of Bharathidasan University, Tiruchi who asserted that the Adam’s bridge over Palk Strait is about 3,500 years and not 1.7 million years as claimed by Sangh Parivar.

The third front in this case is environmentalists who are also opposing the project but not on religious ground but on the basis of environment. According to them, in the Gulf of Mannar there’s more than sentiment at stake. The marine national park has corals, sea cucumber and over 400 species of fish. The Sethu project is aimed at widening the ocean bed and the consistent churning of sediment will smother these coral reefs. The increase in shipping traffic will inevitably result in an increase in oil spills and marine pollution.

It is these coral reefs that act as natural barriers in case of impending disasters like a Tsunami and the fishermen in the area allege that once the reef is destroyed, the natural barrier will be broken and the impact of the Tsunami will be imminent.

Now the questions which are to be answered are why Government is keen on this project if religious and environment concern are related to it? If BJP and other Hindu outfits are not able to produce the proofs in favor of their claim of Ram Setu then are they just cashing on religious sentiments of public because they are sensing mid term polls in the country?

But at the present scenario it’s difficult to find an answer of these questions.