Breaking News – Use it to Boost Your Public Relations

It’s easy to think that public relations is just about making the most of the news you have or ‘creating’ news stories that will appeal to the press and media. If you can respond quickly and provide helpful comment then breaking news is a great opportunity to boost your profile. Here are some handy tips to get you thinking about making the most of breaking news.

Monitor the news – it’s essential to keep track of the press and media for the stories that are being covered. It’s unlikely that a week will go by without some sort of story appearing that you could contribute to. That means being on top of the news and stories as they appear and develop during the day. It’s not difficult to see the stories that are likely to get coverage over a couple of days.

Act quickly – the important thing is to spot a story and then act on it. The quicker you are in contacting the relevant journalist with useful comment or material then the more likely it will be that your efforts will pay off. The world of press and media moves quickly so you need to do the same. You’ll also need to consider the deadlines that journalists are working to. The 24 hour news channels mean that there is now much more scope for providing expert comment on the back of a news story. They have air time to fill and will be grateful if you can help them do that. Also, don’t forget that many of the stories that appear in the Sunday newspapers are the week’s stories in more detail with additional comment – that gives you a great opportunity.

Help to push on the story – ensure that what you contribute provides useful information, can look at the story from a different perspective, help to move the story on etc. The audience wants to be informed and your job is to help achieve that. It’s no good approaching a journalist about a business story saying that you are a business coach – you need to be very specific, in relation to the story, about what you can contribute.

Make yourself available – if you want to raise your profile on the back of someone else’s news then you need to put time aside to do that. It can be disruptive because it’s not planned. Before approaching any journalist be clear that you can contribute time to follow through. If you are successful in your efforts then that may include travelling to a studio, doing interviews etc and that all takes time and effort. In advance of an interview you may also want to seek the services of a media trainer to help you prepare. This is a good idea particularly if you haven’t done much press and media work.

Build relationships – approaching journalists on the back of breaking news also provides you with a great opportunity to build relationships with journalists covering your interest area. Find out the type of stories they are interested in and whether you can help them on other stories. Also, if you do a good job then it gives you scope for getting them to put you in their ‘little black book’ of contacts for future stories – that’s what you really need to achieve.

Become an expert – there are two ways to generate opportunities for comment and interview on the back of news stories. One way is to contact journalists. The other is for them to contact you. In an ideal world you should probably do both. There are databases such as Expert Sources where you can list your details for a paid-for subscription. Journalists use it to find experts to provide comment for the stories they are working on.

Commenting on the back of other people’s news is a great way to build your profile and get exposure to key audiences. It is also an important way to build you profile while keeping your costs down. If you can build a reputation for providing useful and insightful comment then you will quickly find that journalists will come back to you time and again.

UFOs Aliens Or Natives?

The recent flood of UFO reports, alien abduction, exposed military reports and television shows on the subject brings a question to mind other than the existence of such things. Where are these spacecraft and aliens from?

The history channel and news reports as well Internet sources , with credible witnesses, photos and video clips have made these things existence all but scientific fact. Unless there is some sort of huge conspiracy between the entertainment industry and the military as well as hundreds, maybe thousands of pilots and sailors. Columbus even had an encounter with a USO (unidentified submerged object). Apparently alien encounters and craft sightings have been witnessed as long as man has been here.

So who are these aliens and where are they from? Outer space is the most popular theory for where and most would say outer space creatures for who. The fact that they make a minimal impact on us and that there is a lack of physical evidence is commonly considered by sceptics as good argument against the believers. However for an alternative theory of the origin of aliens and spaceships the lack of interaction and physical evidence is supportive. What if these craft and encounters are us humans in time machines taking tours of history. In the fantastic realm of time travel theory and popular fiction, time travelers have the responsibility to not cause disruptions that could be fatal to them and others (like running over yourself in the past). Thus would account for the lack of interaction. One story on the history channel included a retired military man that claimed much of the technology we have today he recovered from a downed spacecraft, fiber optics and micro chips naming two. This could support the theory of time travellers, the fact we can use this stuff.

With more research and more witnesses getting older, even those sworn to secrecy, the question of if they are real will be replaced. Are they really aliens or natives to this planet?

Why Summer Community Service Programs Are A Hit With Teens

With all of a teenager’s energy, it’s no surprise that constructive ways need to be found to channel it. Every summer the news documents incidents of crowds of teenagers, with little to do, who exercise bad choices by joining in mob actions that are often destructive, and sometimes dangerous. Fortunately however, there are regional, national and even worldwide summer community service programs with leadership committed to helping teens get involved doing things to help others as they are helped to grow and mature.

Preparing for the Future by Developing a World View
Helping teenagers to understand that being responsible extends beyond themselves is one part of good summer community service programs. It’s easy for a teen to become self-absorbed. Unfortunately, it’s a natural extension for someone who hasn’t had to deal with any real responsibilities for their whole life. That’s where summer community service programs give teens the ability to learn that humanity often needs them to look beyond their needs and look to the needs of others. These programs allow the teen to develop relationships with a team of volunteers and with others beyond their own borders, and from that they can realize that, if by no other way, every human and every community is attached by our connection to this planet. Being able to contribute to a global community, teens can expand their own horizons and reach a changed perspective of the world and those who live in it.

Developing as an Individual and a Team Member
It’s important to realize that in the program our individual acts make a difference; however, working with a summer community service program and with a team, a person can learn that the community is capable of so much more than a single person working towards the same goal. The benefits of teamwork and what can be accomplished enhance the larger community. And they can also learn that, at times, an individual’s positive efforts inspire the entire community because good works can be contagious. That’s because they often learn that the first step to success comes from simply getting started. After the start is made, others are encouraged to contribute their efforts as well. The teenager can both grow as an individual, and also leave with a huge sense of achievement for what they and their team accomplished.

Memories for a Lifetime
As a trip that will be remembered as the experience of a lifetime, being a part of summer community service programs enables teens to be involved in a truly memorable trip. Not only will they have built friendships with those on their team but with those who their team interacted with during the program. They will come to know the people whose lives they have impacted, and will return home a more confident global citizen. The teenager may also develop a greater respect for the world in which we live and the things that they hold important in their life.

Learn that we spread our legacy through the works we offer when we offer to assist others is an invaluable lesson with youth development programs. It’s in this way that we pay it forward.